Stable view

The land is all in one parcel all is grazing land which is maintained by top American firm (farm clinic) all the Paddocks are always checked and analysis takes place in the US labs to ensure quality of grazing pastures, also by selecting different type of grass optimal for the breeding, and young stock, all Paddocks are all fenced and supplied with water.

A total of 46 stables exists, 16 on the top side built inside old stone character buildings, these stables are made by Rinco, all with rubber floors from BSW and water heater system by buvette, all the stables size are 3.5×3.5 apart of 4 which are bigger in size for foaling, another 5 on top side are used as a quarantine, the lower stables consist of 30 boxes of same size made by Rower & Rub all including rubber floors by BSW, and water heater by buvette and ventilation system.

A horse walker for 6 horses by Rower and rub with automatic water sprinkle system, the walker ground is washed sea sand, a sand Paddock, the property is fed by both source and municipality water.

In the woods we created a horse walkway good for small work and gallop of 3km taking an 8 shape.

Nutrition takes an important part of our work, we relay on our grass paddocks, we monitor them in the labs twice a year, then accordingly do the adjustments and investment in the land itself, the analysis is then shared with Saracen feed in the UK which have being supplying us with the feed that is made to measure according to the analysis, we also feed excellent quality haylage, if any vitamin supplement is required then we only use Twydil, and we always adopt the golden principal rule (feed little and often) feeding is modified according to age and activity and with a software supplied by Saracen we can monitor the growth of the foals from the time they are weaned until 2 years of age, and have comparison with other breeders using the same software, and make adjustments accordingly, and of course we don’t relay on computer only because its done on monthly basis,  but we keep a close eye on our horses all the time, apart of that we always touch, brush, and communicate with our horses since first days , so all our horses are manageable and quiet characters, don’t be surprised when you visit us to see the horses coming to the gate to enter to the stables, or if its feed time by blowing a whistle!

Our vet also have a routine check and schedule to keep all horses up to date in vaccination and de worming and to make sure that all of them are enjoying a healthy life, the dentist visit us twice a year to monitor the horses and the blacksmith also keep a close eye on all horses even foals since there birth to see if any adjustment is required.

We also offer pension facility to selected costumers who are ready to pamper their beloved horses and offer them this care and attention; and who want their horses to be treated as they are around and not in pension, for this a surveillance camera system is being fitted as an option to enable owners to have a look at their horses any time they wish.